Is God really real?

Is a question that has lingered in the heart of everyone at one time or the other, it’s a question I want to believe has puzzled your mind so much.
For me, this was a question have always asked myself growing up too who is this God everyone is always talking about sef, how come I can’t see Him with my physical eyes, what is His height, how big is He, how old is He, does He has hands and legs like mine ? Is He really real? During morning devotion I hear my parents say something like “Father! do this, Father! do that” and as a young boy I wonder where’s the ‘Father’ they are always talking to?

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Hello guys, you would be wondering why have not been here, that’s a story for another day, but am sincerely sorry for leaving you guys hanging.

So guys and ladies get in here let’s have some hearty talk.
You see this craze about ‘I must marry this year, I’m growing older everyday, my mates have bla, bla, bla, bla, must stop oo.

I know you’re of age (we all are) and I know marriage is important but what’s more important is your gift/talent/potentials that has been left fallow for years. Your assignment on earth first before any other thing. Have you pressured yourself to impact lives meaningfully & positively as you do about this marriage issue? Even the holy book tells us the world can’t wait to see us manifest & shine our light but here we are having a pity party about growing old and never being married.

Sinach Nigerian gospel artist, songwriter & philanthropist.

You all know that beautiful lady up there, she’s commonly known as ‘Sinach’. She is a multi-talented gospel artist who have won several awards to her name (most as a single woman), she has written over 200 songs. She got married at 41. ‘Did you say 41??’. ‘Yeah, you heard right, 41. And guess what? She also waited 5 good years before child birth despite the late marriage but in all she didn’t allow this delay to get the best of her but gave room for her gift to shine. Her songs have saved, healed and transformed many. This generation can say a lot about her talent and history won’t forget her quickly.
Wikipedia and other news agencies sing praises of her talent and global impact, much isn’t said about her marriage (infact, wikipedia only celebrates ‘men and women of impact’, not men and women in marriage).
Now she’s married and gave birth to her first child few weeks back but didn’t stop fulfilling destiny! There are many others who achieved as singles, even as teens these days from Jesus (who influenced lives forever as a youth) to tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegel, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates; to ‘teenagers’ like Blaise Pascal, Greta Thumberg, Melati and Isabel Wijsen etc. All these people accomplished dreams as teens and youth, so start now!

Now let me ask, after marriage, what next?; after child bearing, what next? Buying of cars, building of houses what next??. Ladies and gentlemen, life is more than that. We aren’t created for all these alone, ‘life is MORE!’
Like the world really even care if we are married or not. But God and everyone will be glad to see you shine your light. The world only celebrate winners not losers.
Dear, be the reason someone smiles or laugh again, be the reason someone decides not to commit suicide, we are change agents. Don’t bother about being good, decide on starting now, sharpen your skills, get a certification on it if possible, it all starts with a step per time.

Get up guys! Let’s change this world, let’s make it better for God and humanity. You have nothing to loose but everything to win! Let’s win together guys! And incase you don’t know, coming to the lime light gives you a more advantage to meet your much desired spouse than staying back, doing nothing nevertheless don’t let this be your motivation. Just shine your light and enjoy this gift of life God has given you. You will be grateful you adhered to this advice few years from now. Get out of your comfort zone now and do something for your generation, your world needs you right now.

See you on the other side, cheers

Don’t Yield To Marriage Pressure

marry pressure 2

So I stumbled on this relationship program today on TV, and their hot topic was about the pressure you get from friends and families when they feel you are of marriageable age as a youth and ‘nothing’ seems to be happening.

For the ladies, mum will be like ‘Mary when will you marry and leave my husband’s house? Look at your friend Dupe is married with three kids now, you are still here, Hmm. I pity you!! Friends will be like-you better find one guy and hook up with, or are you still selecting?? Hmm. Oko wan lode o!! (meaning men are scarce in town  ooo).

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