Is God really real?

Is a question that has lingered in the heart of everyone at one time or the other, it’s a question I want to believe has puzzled your mind so much.
For me, this was a question have always asked myself growing up too who is this God everyone is always talking about sef, how come I can’t see Him with my physical eyes, what is His height, how big is He, how old is He, does He has hands and legs like mine ? Is He really real? During morning devotion I hear my parents say something like “Father! do this, Father! do that” and as a young boy I wonder where’s the ‘Father’ they are always talking to?

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Don’t Yield To Marriage Pressure

marry pressure 2

So I stumbled on this relationship program today on TV, and their hot topic was about the pressure you get from friends and families when they feel you are of marriageable age as a youth and ‘nothing’ seems to be happening.

For the ladies, mum will be like ‘Mary when will you marry and leave my husband’s house? Look at your friend Dupe is married with three kids now, you are still here, Hmm. I pity you!! Friends will be like-you better find one guy and hook up with, or are you still selecting?? Hmm. Oko wan lode o!! (meaning men are scarce in town  ooo).

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